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Residential Garage Doors
Haas 2500-Series Garage Doors For Buffalo, NY & WNY

$SAVE$ on Haas 2500-Series Garage Doors & Accessories: 2560 & 2560L Garage Doors, 2570 & 2570L Garage Doors, 2580 & 2580L Garage Doors. We install Haas 2500-Series Garage Doors, with a Lifetime Warranty, anywhere in the Buffalo, NY area and all across Western New York.

The Haas 2500-Series Garage Door Range

As the authorized Haas Garage Door distributor for Buffalo, NY and Western New York, Adams' Door Company proudly offers you the Exceptional Value of the Haas 2500-Series Garage Door range.

Haas Model 2560 Garage Door in Sandstone with Handles & Carriage House 6-Pane Double Arch Windows

Haas Model 2560 Garage Door in Sandstone. This Door Features Handles & Carriage House 6-Pane Double Arch Windows

The 2500-Series Garage Door range was designed to bring the distinctive look of a wooden garage door to your home, without the maintenance and performance hassles issues associated with wooden garage doors. There are 3 Garage Door Models in this range, each available in 2 variants (with and without optional insulation panels).

Haas 2500-Series Garage Doors provide the look and feel of deeply embossed wood grain with the strength and durability of 25 gauge galvanized steel. You never have to worry about warping, cracking or rotting.

Every 2500-Series Garage Door comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and is available in a choice of 4 Colors, - they may also be custom painted to perfectly match your home.

Haas 2500-Series Garage Door Construction

Like all Haas Garage Doors, every door in the 2500-Series is designed for beauty, performance, durability, and low-maintenance operation - to give you the best possible performance for your dollar:

Haas 2500-Series Garage Door Models

There are 3 Haas 2500-Series Garage Door Models, each available in 2 variants - the standard door, and the optional 'L' Model which has an insulation panel to increase energy efficiency:

Haas 2500-Series Garage Door Panel Patterns & Colors

Haas 2560 Garage Door - Carriage House Panel

Haas 2570 Garage Door - Ranch Panel

Haas 2560/2560L Garage Doors 'Carriage House' Door Panel

Haas 2570/2570L Garage Doors 'Ranch' Door Panel

Haas 2580 Garage Door - Raised Panel


Haas 2580/2580L Garage Doors 'Raised' Door Panel



Haas 2500-Series Garage Door Panel - Polar White

Haas 2500-Series Garage Door Panel - Almond

Haas 2500-Series Garage Door Panel - Sandstone

Haas 2500-Series Garage Door Panel - Brown

Polar White




Note - optional L Variants come with Energy Efficient Insulation Panels to Achieve R7.45. We highly recommended 2560L, 2570L, 2580L Garage Doors for the WNY Climate

Professional Garage Door Installation, Buffalo, NY

Adams Door offers every Garage Door in the exceptional Haas Residential Garage Door range with unbeatable pricing and Guaranteed Professional Garage Door Installation throughout the Buffalo, NY area and all across WNY.

Should the need ever arise, we also offer maintenance and repair services for every garage door that we sell as well - as many other garage doors. If you ever need service or repair on any make or model of garage door call Adams Door at 716.895.9245.

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Chamberlain Liftmaster Garage Door Openers Buffalo, NY & WNY
Chamberlain Liftmaster offers a wide range of ultra-reliable Residential Garage Door Openers to fit Your needs. We are Your authorized Chamberlain Liftmaster distributor and we install & service all Liftmaster Garage Door Openers anywhere in the Buffalo, NY area and Western New York. Call 716.895.9245

Unique Garage Door Installation?

Garage Door Installation, Maintenance & Repair Service - Buffalo, NY & WNY

We've installed custom-sized doors for pool sheds, gazebos, decks... and we can service or repair almost any make or model of garage door, anywhere in Western New York. Call Our Garage Door Installation & Repair Experts at 716.895.9245 To Discuss Your Needs.


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