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Commercial Garage Doors Trac-Rite 988WL Heavy-Duty Roll Up Doors For Buffalo, NY & WNY

Trac-Rite Model 988WL WindLock Roll Up Garage Doors Provide Outstanding Performance For Large Opening, Commercial & Industrial Applications
$SAVE$ on Trac-Rite Model 988WL Overhead Doors, we install Trac-Rite Doors anywhere in the Buffalo, NY area and all across Western New York

The Trac-Rite 988 Model Roll Up Door is specifically designed for Large Door Openings in a wide range of Heavy-Duty Industrial & Commercial applications. The Trac-Rite 988WL Door is based on the 988 Model and is ideal for the same range of uses - but the 988WL features WindLocks to provide Maximum Wind Load Capability.

Trac-Rite 988 / 988WL Commercial Roll Up Overhead Doors For Large Openings
Trac Rite Model 988 / 988WL Roll Up Overhead Doors Are Specifically Engineered For Use In Large Commercial & Industrial Door Openings

Engineered For Heavy-Duty Performance With Maximum Wind Load Resistance

The 988WL features a 26-gauge rigid-rib steel curtain and dead-axle design with torque tube assembly that allows even the largest door to reliably operate with ease. The door is available in a variety of colors in large custom sizes from 11'W x 8'H to 16'W x 16'H in 1" increments.

The Trac-Rite WindLock System
When wind blows against the 988WL steel curtain, the door's WindLocks engage with the door guide to produce a strong interlocking grip that maintains the curtain securely in it's guide to provide Maximum Wind Load Resistance.

We've installed very large custom-sized doors in many commercial and industrial operations all across Western New York, and our experts are here to help you choose the right overhead door for your large opening.

Trac-Rite 988WL Door Applications

Trac-Rite 988 with WindLock System

Heavy-Duty Commercial & Industrial

Large Door Openings

  • Shipping Docks
  • Warehouses
  • Post Frame Buildings
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Machine Shops
  • Agricultural Buildings
  • High Eave Structures

Trac-Rite 988WL Door Specifications

Design Type

Dead axle design with torque-tube assembly. Rotates on a fixed axle during operation.

Torque-Tube Assembly

Axle is high-yield schedule 80 structural tubing with 1-5/16" outside diameter. Drums are 12" diameter spiral x 1-1/2" wide, 16-gauge, zinc-coated steel with grease-filled ball bearings mounted in the center of the drum to promote smooth operation. EP3 springs are helical torsion, oil tempered, and coated to halt corrosion and increase life. Axle, drums, and springs are enclosed in a 26-gauge galvanized spiral tube to provide even curtain support.


Roll-formed sections, factory-seamed from 26-gauge, Grade 80 galvanized steel. Siliconized polyester finish in 13 standard colors. Full-length 2" felt tape mounted on each drum for smooth rolling and reduced marring.

Curtain WindLocks

10-gauge, zinc-coated steel, secured to door with two 3/16" rivets.

WindLock Bar

Galvanized 12-gauge with holes for fastening to jamb every 4 inches. Placed inside the guide.

Chain Hoist

8:1 reduced-drive. Mounts directly to the axle on either the left or right side.

Interior Lock

12-gauge, zinc-coated steel slide bolt engages a lock strike attached to the side guide. Two locks per door fasten to the bottom assembly and are suitable for padlocking.

Bottom Assembly

Zinc-coated steel bottom angle mounted to corrosion-resistant aluminum extrusion with stainless steel bolts. TPE blade astragal also included.


Universal mounting brackets are interchangeable for mounting on the left or right side. 10-gauge, cold-formed, galvanized steel, embossed for added strength.

Saddle with Tensioner

Easily adjustable one-piece saddle accepts 1-5/16" diameter axle. Double cams lock the axle in position and maintain tension on the springs.


16-gauge, zinc-coated, 2-3/4" deep. Featuring polypropylene guide runners to assure smooth operation and prevent steel-on-steel contact.

Mounting Fasteners

Steel or wood fasteners included. For masonry openings, mounting clips and anchoring system are sold separately:


Bracket: 1/4" x 7/8" self-drilling screws
Jamb: 1/4" x 7/8" self-drilling screws


Bracket: 5/16" x 1-5/8" washer head lags
Jamb: 1/4" x 1-1/2" self-drilling screws


Clip type system with 5/16" diameter expansion anchors for both brackets and jambs (sold separately)

Door Stop

12-gauge, zinc-coated, L-shaped door stops. Mounts to guides.

Note: Product specifications are subject to change without notice.

Trac-Rite 988WL Door Wind Load Ratings

All Trac-Rite door models, both standard and WindLock, are put through rigorous wind testing - witnessed and certified by an independent test lab. Trac-Rite doors are approved for installation in buildings affected by Florida Building Commission regulations concerning wind testing and manufacturing certifications.

988WL Door Width


988WL Door PSF/MPH Rating


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