About Adams Door Company

Serving residences & businesses in Western New York

Adams Door Company has been in business in the Buffalo, NY area since 1949. If you were to find an old telephone directory from the 1950's or 1960's you'd find that we are the only garage door sales & installation company still in business and operating under the same name in WNY - many other local garage door companies have come and gone since then!

At Adams Door Company, garage doors, overhead doors, fire‑doors, shutters, and electric operators are our only business. We specialize in sales, installation, and repair of these products, and we offer all of our expertise to help you find the best possible door and/or operator to fit your needs here in Western New York.

Adams first garage door delivery truck from 1949
Adams Door Company first garage door delivery truck from 1949

Uncompromised expertise & service

We take pride in offering you uncompromised expertise and customer service:

  • We do not subcontract our installations. Our technicians are full‑time, fully‑insured, uniformed, highly experienced professionals. We do not hire part‑time workers or temporary summer help.
  • We own and operate our own fleet of fully‑insured, reliable, well‑equipped trucks that are easily identifiable with our company logo so you and your neighbors know exactly who is working at your home or business.
Adams modern installation and service truck
Adams Door Company modern installation and service truck

Uncompromised value

We offer highly competitive pricing, since we have been in business longer than most other door companies in WNY. We have developed strong relationships with the major door and operator manufacturers over many years, and we represent only those companies who we know can offer you the highest quality and value. Sure, we could supply you with a cheaper door to match a competitors low price, but would you be happy with the product? Remember, "The bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of the cheap price is forgotten.".

We understand that our best customers are wise consumers - and we know that you need to be well informed, having taken the time to investigate, before making your garage door and/or opener purchase. So please take your time to explore our website. There are literally 1000's of door combinations that you can achieve when you take into account the panel designs, color and finish ranges available, window options… And make sure that you take into account thermal insulation factors (critical in our WNY climate), wind load capability (important for some locations and products) and other technical details.

If you have any difficulty deciding which door and/or operator you should purchase, please feel free to call our office and ask to speak with a Garage Door Expert.

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