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Haas commercial garage doors

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As the authorized Haas Garage Door distributor for Buffalo, NY and Western New York, Adams Door Company proudly offers you the Haas Commercial Garage Door range.

Haas garage door models

There are 6 Series of Haas Commercial Garage Doors, each with several models:

Haas 600-Series Commercial Garage Doors

Haas 600‑Series Commercial Garage Doors

'Strong, & Attractive' R13.45

Haas 700-Series Garage Doors

Haas 700‑Series Commercial Garage Doors

'Tough & Built To Last' R16.18

Haas 800-Series Garage Doors

Haas 800‑Series Commercial Garage Doors

'The Architects' Choice' R25.8

Haas 2000-Series Garage Doors

Haas 2000‑Series Commercial Garage Doors

'Visibility & Performance' R17.66

Haas Ribbed Steel Commercial Doors

Haas Ribbed Steel Commercial Doors

'Strength & Value' R7.45

The Haas Commercial Garage Door range was designed to provide a wide choice of panel styles, strength, and insulation capabilities to make one of these door models the perfect choice for your facility. There are 6 Garage Door Series in the Haas Commercial range, each featuring several specific Models.

Haas Commercial Garage Doors provide beautiful aesthetics with the strength and durability of 25 gauge galvanized steel and the supreme insulation performance of Polyurethane foam. You never have to worry about warping, cracking or rotting.

Every Haas Commercial Garage Door comes with a Manufacturers Warranty and is available in a choice of several standard and premium colors, as well as custom color matching capability.

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