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Haas residential garage doors

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As the authorized Haas Garage Door distributor for Buffalo, NY and Western New York, Adams Door Company proudly offers you the Haas Residential Garage Door range.

Haas garage door models

There are 7 Series of Haas Residential Garage Doors, each with several models:

Haas 2400-Series Garage Doors

Haas 2400‑Series Garage Doors

'Superior Craftsmanship' R7.45

Haas 2500-Series Garage Doors

Haas 2500‑Series Garage Doors

'Superior Craftsmanship' R7.45

Haas 900-Series Garage Doors

Haas 900‑Series Garage Doors

'American Tradition' R13.45

Haas 600-Series Garage Doors

Haas 600‑Series Garage Doors

'Supremely Engineered' R13.45

Haas 700-Series Garage Doors

Haas 700‑Series Garage Doors

'Instant Curb Appeal' R16.18

Haas 2000-Series Garage Doors

Haas 2000‑Series Garage Doors

'First Class' R17.66

Haas 360-Series Garage Doors

Haas 360‑Series Garage Doors

'Contemporary Style' Aluminum Door

Haas 2400-Series Garage Doors

Haas Classic Wood Collection - Cherry

For 600, 700, & 2000-Series Doors

Haas 2400-Series Garage Doors

Haas Classic Wood Collection - Oak

For 600, 700, & 2000‑Series Doors

The Haas Garage Door range was designed to bring the distinctive look of a quality wooden garage door to your home, without the maintenance and performance hassles issues associated with wooden garage doors. There are 7 Garage Door Series in the Haas range, each featuring several specific Models.

Haas Residential Garage Doors provide the look and feel of deeply embossed wood grain with the strength and durability of 25 gauge galvanized steel. You never have to worry about warping, cracking or rotting.

Every Haas Residential Garage Door comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and is available in a choice of several colors, including the Haas Classic Wood Finishes that look exactly like furniture‑grade Ash, Cherry, Mahogany or Oak panelling.

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