Fire Door Services

Adams Door Company is your center for fire door expertise in the Buffalo‑Niagara Region. Our trained technicians provide Fire Door Installation, as well as performing Fire Door Drop‑Tests and Maintenance and Repair Services for most manufacturers Fire‑Rated Doors & Smoke‑Resistant Fire Doors, in operations throughout Western New York:

Alpine Fire-Tite Overhead Door Fire Testing
Alpine Fire-Tite Overhead Door Fire Testing


Smoke & fire door drop testing services

Rolling Overhead Fire Doors and Smoke-Proof Fire Doors require regular Drop-Testing to ensure that they correctly provide Automatic Closing Fire Protection, as indicated on the fire door label.

Automatic closing functionality must be tested at the time any fire door is installed. After that, Model Codes mandate that each fire door shall then be inspected and tested not less than annually - as required by NFPA 80 Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives.

All fire-rated doors must be Inspected for any conditions that may affect the operation of the door and then Tested to demonstrate proper operation, full closure, and proper reset.

All Drop-Tests and Resets, as well as any required repairs and/or maintenance should only be performed by a Trained Fire Door System Technician:

Fire Door Pre-Test Inspection

  • A trained fire door systems technician should inspect the fire door's guides, curtain and endlocks, bottom bar, hood, and operating mechanism for any signs of wear or damage.
  • Ensure that the door’s operating mechanisms, fusible links, and release mechanisms are not painted, coated with dust or grease, and/or contaminated with dirt/debris.
  • Open and close the fire door to inspect for any indications of malfunctioning components.
  • Remove any flammable substances that should not be placed on either side of the firewall opening near the fire door.
  • Any issues identified during this Pre-Test Inspection should be corrected before the Drop-Test may be performed.

The Fire Door Drop Test

  • A trained fire door systems technician must Drop-Test all fire door automatic closing features for each fire door in your facility.
  • Each Fire Door must reside in the Fully Open Position before the drop-test is performed.
  • Each Fire Door must be drop-tested twice, once to verify proper operation and full closure, and a second time to verify that the automatic closing device was properly reset.
  • Each Fire Door must close completely and come to a full rest on the sill.
  • Per NFPA 80, the average closing speed must be at least 6 inches per second, but must not exceed 24 inches per second.
  • The Results Of The Fire Door Drop Test Must Be Properly Documented.
  • Any required Repair Parts must be obtained from the original door manufacturer, and following completion of the repairs, the fire door must be re-tested to ensure proper door operation and automatic closing capability.

Smoke & fire door maintenance & repair services

Adams Door Company Fire Door Experts can maintain or repair the fire doors in your facility. We offer emergency call out services with same‑day repair on most manufacturer's models.

Call 716-895-9245 and ask for a trained fire door technician from Adams Door Company to attend to the fire doors at your facility based anywhere in the Western New York area.

Smoke & fire door sales & installation services

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