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Haas 5000-Series Garage Doors For Buffalo, NY & WNY

$SAVE$ on the entire Haas 5000-Series Garage Door range: 5210 & 5710 Flush Stucco Panel Doors, 5212 & 5712 V-Groove Stucco Panel Doors, 5270 & 5770 Raised Ranch Stucco Panel Doors & 5280 & 5780 Raised Standard Stucco Panel Doors. We install Haas 5000-Series Garage Doors, with a Lifetime Warranty, anywhere in the Buffalo, NY area and all across Western New York.

The Haas 5000-Series Garage Door Range

As the authorized Haas Garage Door distributor for Buffalo, NY and Western New York, Adams’ Door Company proudly offers you the Supreme Engineering of the Haas 5000-Series Garage Door range.

Haas 5000-Series Residential Garage Doors

The Haas 5000-Series Garage Door range was designed to bring a distinctive weather-resistant aluminum paint finish look to your home.

There are 4 Garage Door Panel options in this range, all constructed with maximum energy efficiency 0.097 Tested U-Factor (5700 Models) & 0.110 Tested U-Factor (5200 Models) rated insulation to repel WNY’s most hostile weather conditions.

Haas 5000-Series Garage Doors provide a tough, durable weather resistant aluminum painted finish.

Every 5000-Series Garage Door comes with a Limited Lifetime Delamination Warranty and is available in Polar White – they may also be custom painted to perfectly match your home.

Haas 5000-Series Garage Door Construction

Like all Haas Garage Doors, every door in the 5000-Series is designed for beauty, performance, durability, and low-maintenance operation – to give you the best possible performance for your dollar:

Haas 5000-Series Garage Door Models

There are 4 Haas 5000-Series Garage Door Models, based on their door panel pattern, and these are each available in Polar White:

Haas 5000-Series Garage Door Panel Patterns & Colors

Haas 5210 Garage Door - Flush Stucco Panel

Haas 5212 Garage Door - V-Groove Stucco Panel

Flush Stucco Panel
Haas 5210 / 5710 – All Windows

V-Groove Stucco Panel
Haas 5212 / 5712 – TL Windows

Haas 5270 Garage Door - Raised Ranch Stucco Panel

Haas 661 Garage Door - Recessed Short Panel

Raised Ranch Stucco Panel
Haas 5270 / 5770 – Ranch Windows
5267 / 5767 – Carriage House Windows
5287 / 5787 – Standard Windows

Raised Standard Stucco Panel
Haas 5280 / 5780 – Standard Windows
2568 / 5768 – Carriage House Windows
5278 / 5778 – Ranch Windows


Haas 5000-Series Garage Door Color

Haas 5000-Series Garage Door Panel - Polar White

Polar White


Professional Garage Door Installation & Repair In Western New York

Adams Door offers every Garage Door in the exceptional Haas Residential Garage Door range with unbeatable pricing and Guaranteed Professional Garage Door Installation throughout the Buffalo, NY area and all across WNY.

Should the need ever arise, we also offer maintenance and repair services for every garage door that we sell as well – as many other garage doors. If you ever need service or repair on any make or model of garage door call Adams Door at 716.895.9245.

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